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F22- 4mm Bracing plywood

F22-2745x1200X4mm structural plywood

Product Introduction

Short Description:

F22 CD Structural plywood, available in various thicknesses.

Structural plywood is a plywood with an array of stress grades with various capabilities and load designs perfect for where longer lasting applications are required.

AVAILABLE SIZE: 2440 x 1200 / 900mm, 2745 x 1200 / 900mm, 3050 x 1200 / 900mm,


Our structural plywood range is manufactured for building applications that do require specific structural or load-bearing properties. C grade face is a repaired and sanded finish for non-visual applications. D grade back is a   non-appearance graded

Dimensions: 2440 x 1200 / 900mm, 2745 x 1200 / 900mm, 3050 x 1200 / 900mm
Thickness: 4MM
Grade: F22 structural
Surface finish: CD Grade, with a Pine smooth face

Bond type:  A-Bond
Standard: structural plywood is compliant with AS/NZS 2269 for Structural Plywood


· Temporary hoardings

· Non-structural packaging

· General-purpose construction

· DIY projects

· Formwork for paths and driveways

· Furniture

· Temporary weatherproofing



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